we would like to give a place to listen original songs and  great musical performances with reasonable price for people loves music.
we welcome those kind of music
rock, pops, blues, jazz, world music, classic.
regarding rock and pops,we give priority to musicians who play original songs.
an audition must be given at first.
please prepair to give us a cassette tape or mini disk first.
we emphasize to listen the technique, regarding musician play cover songs.
we emphasize quality and impact of  song, regarding musician play original songs.
we would pay a performance fee.
we discuss and decide about "music charge" according to career, impact of songs, the number of musicians in the band.
"music charge" means "admission fee"
our "music charge" system, that is up to until 30 audiences you will get 50% of music charge.
after 30 audience you will get 70% of music charge.
if your audition is passed, you do not need to pay any money at all even if there is only few audience.
but that doesn't mean you don't have a responsibility.
please understand that we share the responsibility.
there is two time tables, A and B which we will going to decide.
the musician have confidence about how many audience you could invite. as a rule the musician appear on the stage for 60 min twice in one day.
a rehearsal is from 4:30 to 6:30.
a first stage start at 7:30,a second one start at 21:00,.
the musician don`t have confidence about audience and stamina, you appear on the stage for 60 min one time.
in this case we will find another musician for another 60 min stage.
( we call this system "taiban" )
we count the number of audience each stages then we will pay fee.
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